How Our Process Works

We offer an affordable solution to solve your odor, mold, chemical and sanitary problems.

From within your HVAC ducts to lurking behind your drywall, bacteria VOC’s and mold are not only difficult to get at but can cause a whole range of issues in your Facility and home. Odors, allergens in the air, lingering VOC’s, unsightly spread of ugly spores, Ozone prime is your source for eco-friendly odor removal and sanitation services. Our organic products make it easy to address the problem and come out with Effective affordable solutions.

Step 1. Visual Assessment & Optional Air Quality Test

When one of our Ozone Prime Experts comes to your property to perform the assessment, they will listen to your concerns before taking a brief walkthrough of your property. Source of odor, possible moisture issues that are leading to microbial growth will be identified, ventilation examined, and much more—all by our experienced and highly trained Ozone Prime Experts.

Using UV technology, moisture readings will be recorded, ventilation examined, and much more—all by our experienced and highly trained Ozone Prime Experts. We will compile a comprehensive report of findings along with a course of action to best address your issue.

So you are properly informed our Green Service Expert can provide you with an optional test to assess the indoor air quality of your property for VOC’s and mold issues.

Note: Suspicions of certain problems through visual cues and other senses do not always indicate there is bacteria, mold or VOC’s present. It is important to have air quality testing to confirm you have a problem.

Why is testing important?

An appropriate number of samples must be collected to tell us the type and amount of Compounds present in the air. The Extent or type of Compounds cannot be determined from a visual inspection alone.

Ozone Prime is committed to an environmentally-conscious alternative.

Step 2. Test Positive? Here’s What We Will Do For You.

Ozone Prime provides comprehensive inspection reports, remediation plans and solutions that are thorough and safe while complying with the latest EPA standards and state requirements. Ozone Prime goes through great lengths to prevent cross contamination for your health and safety.

Step 3. Optional Post-Test

Peace of mind for all parties involved, and confirmation of our quality work.

All About Ozone

Ozone is the most powerful broad spectrum microbiological agent available. Its element is known as O3 and is found in Nature! It is a critical part of a healthy world. As a stand alone concept, ozone is a principal of science with known properties that can be applied to real world problems as a sustainable ad environmentally friendly process.

The third oxygen atom of ozone makes it extremely reactive. This atom readily attaches itself to other odor molecules. When contaminants such as odors, bacteria or viruses make contact with ozone, their chemical structure is changed to less odorous compounds. As more ozone attacks the remaining compounds in the odor is eventually destroyed. This process is called oxidation. Ozone essentially reverts back to oxygen after it is used. This makes it a very environmentally friendly oxidant.

The sterilizing power of ozone is used against bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, and certain insect larvae all while using zero chemicals and leaving none behind. This characteristic proves ozone to be a much stronger, and greener, solution than hazardous chemicals. The environment for the incubation of any kind of bacteria are places where little ventilation exists, temperature is warm, and a degree of humidity prevails. Mold and mildew are destroyed by ozone. In addition to removing all of the impurities in the air, ozone is also a great treatment for odor control because of its ability to oxidize the bacteria that is emitting the offending odor.

Ozone has been used in dozens of industries for many years to improve sanitation of surfaces and piping, raw water purification, air treatment and odor control, wastewater treatment, and much more. Being one of the world’s most powerful oxidants, ozone is capable of accomplishing these tasks efficiently while leaving no residuals. Having the ability to eradicate an extensive list of viruses and bacteria, ozone has proven itself to be the most beneficial green technology available.

How Long Does Ozone Last?

As soon as ozone is formed in the generator and exhausted in a room, it will already start to revert back to oxygen. This step occurs by several processes including the following: Oxidation reactions with an organic material such as odors or smoke. Reactions with bacteria etc., which again consumes ozone by oxidation reactions. Additionally ozone breaks down thermally. Higher temperatures destroy ozone quicker than lower temperatures. The ozone that remains is referred to as Residual ozone. “Residual” ozone created will return to oxygen usually within 30 minutes, in amounts equal to half its level. What this means is that after each subsequent 30 minute period there would be half as much residual ozone left at the end of the period as was present at the beginning of the period. This is similar to a geometric progression of 16;8;4;2;1. In practice the half life is usually less than 30 minutes due to temperature, dust, and other contaminants in the air. Therefore, ozone, while very powerful, doesn’t last long. It does its job and then disappears back into safe oxygen. Ozone leaves a fresh, clean chlorine/bleach kind of scent behind. similar to that of after a rainstorm.

Activated Hydrogen Peroxide

Our H2O2 activator is an oxidizing spray formula used through a ULV fogger which does everything that ozone does and more! The fog that the ULV machine produces saturates the facility and sweeps the air of any harmful airborne allergens, VOCs and bacteria destroying them as the mist drops down and contacts the surface. Its penetrating ability then busts through biofilm that protects the bacteria underneath that normal cleaning products cannot reach! After biofilm penetration the radical oxygen oxidizes the membranes of its opponent devastating the nucleus in similar fashion of a close range shotgun blast. It is extremely effective for very resilient issues and imbedded odors (pet accidents, bodily fluids, mold, smoke smell, curry, etc.). Like ozone, H2O2 is is completely safe, there are no chemicals and the only residue left behind is oxygen and water. 

Our Decon H2O2 products are not just cleaning products; they can be used for serious odor removal, decontamination, mold treatment as well. Our products use the military-proven “Activated Hydrogen Peroxide” that is truly an All-in-One solution for the serious applicator. Off-the-shelf products provide a limited scope of uses and are not as effective or safe for multiple decontamination threats. Our Part A and Part B mix brings unparalleled strength to any job. By “Activating” the product when it is used, our H2O2 Decon products outperform anything else.

Our ONE PRODUCT SOLUTION brings the most powerful decontamination product to those who are doing the hard work in problem applications. ULV for our product to neutralize foul odors, kill mold, destroy biologicals, treat body fluids, and solve chemical spills.

Will the Odor Come Back?

No. If pre-clean, preparation and application are done properly it destroys the source of the odor. Treatment times may vary depending on the strength of the odor but 98% of ozone treatments are successful. In the case of mildew the odor will return if you are unable to get rid of the moisture that is the source of the mildew. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for the treatment area to be free of clutter and the source of the known odor or contamination to be cleaned as best as possible before treatment.

Our Technology

Ozone Prime uses ozone generators built by RS Automations.

Ozone cannot be stored, it must be produced on site by ozone generators. Ozone generators produce ozone by adding energy to oxygen molecules (O2), which cause the oxygen atoms to part ways and temporarily recombine with other O2 molecules creating ozone (O3). The extra oxygen molecule of (O3) latches on to the harmful organic compound (bacteria, virus, pathogen) and destroys the cell membrane rendering it harmless. Our ozone generators use the Corona discharge method which passes the ambient air though a series of electrically charged ceramic plates splitting the oxygen and forming ozone which is exhausted into the treatment area. Our generators are modified by our own personal engineering team and provide extremely concentrated shock value ozone. After neutralizing the threat, only by product that remains is normal oxygen (O2).

Our industrial shock ozone generators have long lasting durable components modified by RS Automations. Tested with an output ozone production at 40,000 mg/hr. Compare this to publicly available ozone generators, who claim their output to around 10,000 mg/hr at most – but have been proven to only reach about 1,000 -5,000 mg/hr!

Virtually no one comes close to the broad spectrum results we can provide at such reasonable pricing.

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