About Ozone Prime

Proudly serving all of Buffalo and Western New York, Ozone Prime is a revolutionary company whose mission is to improve the quality of indoor environments across the region, by using cutting edge technology instead of outdated, harmful chemicals.

Our Team

Ozone Prime is Mark Ricigliano, Jacob Ricigliano, Rick Stacy (RS Automations) and Matthew Ricigliano.


We are certified in the fields of:

  • Ozone technicians
  • Indoor air quality specialists,
  • H2O2 & Decon 5  applications

Be a part of our unique, proprietary program!

Ozone prime is a groundbreaking 2018 startup company. We work with RS automations which has 15+ years’ experience in precision engineering and modification technology. Our directors and staff are all certified through ERSAI EPA approved training. Ozone prime is in accordance with the EPA as a 100% organic pro green remediation and sanitizing company. We are proactive in our techniques when dealing with harmful organic compounds that can negatively affect the daily life of any individual. Bacteria, virus, pathogens, heavy allergens, and VOC’s are around us daily and harm us more than we think. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there! We go out and about in the world and constantly bring back unwanted passengers into our homes, and workplace. Cleaning pleases the eye, but sanitizing satisfies the body on a microbiological level. Chemical residuals in cleaning products, smoke residues, animal odors, bodily fluids, allergens etc., are all things inadvertently effect our lives, breathing, sleep habits – and even emotions – and most the time, we don’t realize it’s even there!

Have the peace of mind that your family, kids, co-workers, clients, are all operating in a safe sanitized environment. This is a science; it’s not a question if it works or not it. It is a fact that what we use must be applied properly in a professional manner, in order to achieve maximum safe results.

Two things that make us the game changer: we utilize Ozone and H2O2. Both are the most powerful natural oxidizers on planet earth – over 3000 times quicker, and 350 time stronger than chlorine/bleach (the most common chemical sanitizer and water purifying agent). The molecular structure of ozone gas when produced through our modified machines is that of 3 parts oxygen or O3. Normal oxygen is 2 parts, so the extra molecule of oxygen creates an unbalanced electrical charge, which is similar to that of harmful organic compounds such as bacteria, virus, pathogen and many VOC’s. Since both are unbalanced, this creates a magnetic attraction to one another – except ozone is the predator! Once contact is made, ozone releases its extra oxygen molecule into the cell membrane of the mutually attracted organism, instantly oxidizing and scrambling its DNA structure rendering it harmless and neutralized.

Our H2O2 products occur in the same fashion as the ozone, except instead of gas, it is produced in liquid form. It is a two-part solution, which once activated it is a force to be reckoned with. Harmless to humans but devastating to harmful organisms! The qualities in our formulas compare to that of no other cleaning or sanitizing product available. Our liquid oxidizing formula is actually not available to public, and requires professional training to access. H2O2 has the molecular structure of 2 parts hydrogen and 2 parts oxygen (hydrogen peroxide) and once activated and ionized, it creates an accelerated process comparable to ozone. The difference between ozone and our liquid oxidizer is that it is much easier to apply, and much more effective. The penetrating ability of H202 breaks down biofilm in topical areas much better than ozone, and neutralizes a wider spectrum of VOC’s and contaminants. It’s quick to apply, and less ventilation is required, allowing vacancy to resume in a smaller time frame.

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