The next level in air purification, decontamination and odor removal.

Ozone Prime properly and professionally applies Ozone and H2O2 treatments that are completely safe and effective.

Rarely will any product or service offer such profound results across such a wide variety of threats with such little environmental concern.

Breathe Clean, Live Clean, Scientifically Clean.

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Our mission is to increase the quality of the environments in which we live, work and relax, without the use of harmful chemicals.

The combination of tools, education, technique and formulas makes us a one of a kind, broad-spectrum, green solution to every day microbiological problems.

Ozone Prime proudly serves all of Buffalo and Western New York. Call us today at (716) 405-0442 or contact us on-line to schedule your appointment.

Works Fast

Reacts 3,125x faster than chlorine.

No Harmful By-Products

Environmentally friendly, green technology.


Recognized as GRAS. Applied by trained professionals.

Cost Effective

Miracle results at an affordable price.


Leaves the treated space fresh, clean & pure.

Sustainable Technology

Depletes no natural resources.


Both FDA & USDA approved, and certified organic in 2001.


350x more powerful than chlorine.

What Our Customers Say

Recently I hired Jake Ricigliano from Ozone Prime to help get rid of a smell at my new house. Once I purchased the property, me and my wife noticed a strong smell of dog urine. We tried all we could think of to eliminate the smell and got mixed results. We tore up carpet, painted subfloors, used dog and cat urine cleaners but nothing could completely alleviate the smell.

I called Jake and he assured me that he had solved this problem many times before and he explained the process he would use. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and punctual. I hired Jake and it was the best decision i could make. Me and my wife can no longer smell the animal urine and believe it or not – the whole place smells different!

Thank you Jake, you saved our new house experience from being a disaster. I would recommend Jake and Ozone Prime to anyone.”

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